Connecting people and places for good

Who we are - Overview of RFT

We have been working to support the area’s rural way of life for over 20 years, through a variety of conservation and heritage projects undertaken with local communities. Exploring, celebrating and conserving local heritage remains at the heart of the Trust’s mission. Another increasingly important part of our work involves bringing people closer to the environment, at sites like Stanwick Lakes, helping those at disadvantage through contact with the natural world, and creating greenspaces for communities to enjoy.

Key areas of our work include:-

  • Managing Stanwick Lakes nature reserve.
  • Running a visitor attraction at Stanwick Lakes as a social enterprise.
  • Undertaking heritage projects within the local area.
  • Offering education, both environmental and heritage, to school groups and all age groups within the local communities.
  • Working with disadvantaged groups to promote health and well-being.