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How You Can Help - Leave a Gift in your Will

After providing for those you care for, please consider leaving just a small proportion of what’s left over to help us.

Each and every gift, regardless of size, counts. For example, just a few pounds will purchase protective clothing for a volunteer when working on site.

A gift of £500

Will help us provide a display board to improve understanding of nature conservation.

A gift of £1,000

Will enable our rangers and volunteers to improve reedbed habitats for threatened local species.

A gift of £5,000

Will contribute towards improving access paths for all visitors.

A gift of £10,000

Will buy our first new tractor that will enable the rangers to manage the Stanwick Lakes Nature Reserve more efficiently.

We appreciate that leaving a gift in a will is a big decision and we promise to respect you and your choices.

Different ways of giving -

There are two main ways of leaving a gift:

Residuary gift: you can choose to leave a proportion, or the whole of what is left in your estate once you have provided for your loved ones.

Pecuniary gift: also known as a specific gift. A donation of a fixed amount.

I’ve decided to leave a gift to the Rockingham Forest Trust. What do I need to tell my solicitor?

To leave a gift to the Rockingham Forest Trust the words you will need to add to your will are:

“I leave ____________ to the Rockingham Forest Trust of Stanwick Lakes, Stanwick, Northamptonshire, NN9 6GY, registered charity number 1050157.”

Need more help? Please call us on 01933 625527.